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3 months in Burkina Faso

I’m back in France after almost 3 months in Burkina Faso. You may have noticed, I didn’t post a lot of articles on the blog. The reason is simple, it’s already so hard to analyze what was happening to me that I felt incapable to write about it. However, after these 3 months, I want to take time to tell you what I felt during my trip. There will be no city guide, I can’t tell you how to visit Burkina because I did it in a singular way and not like a tourist. So here are feelings that I felt in Burkina Faso, sometimes only one, sometimes all at the same time.

I felt
. . grateful for all the people that welcome me inside their home and all the smile that I received
. . happy about being on a long time travel 4 years after Cambodia and discover the unknown once again
. . revolted by the condition of some kids and women, for the first time of my life I felt the need to really speak as a woman and not as a human being to show that we can be independent, strong and that we don’t only have one path
. . confident because I met people that really want to help and give so many time and energy for a better future for their country
. . hopeless when I see kids that learn blind obedience before curiosity and that I couldn’t change it during the few weeks that I spend with them
. . part of a family that will stay in my heart forever
. . surprised by so many things all the time
. . annoyed to be seen as a white human being, like a possibility of escape for some, a trophy to get for others,…
. . lively of doing what I really like teaching, art, dancing, sewing and mix everything together
. . weary of their vision of France that is completely distorted and will not help them to go further

but most all glad to have met so many inspiring people, realized one of my dreams, and that I now feel more confident in myself and in my beliefs.

The first chapter of my year trip is closing already and in less than a week I will be on the plane to South America with one of my best friends, life is completely crazy!

Talk to you soon from another continent!