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Let’s get to know each other

Who is this girl with a red tutu playing ballerina?

My names is Chloe, I was born on April, 29th, 1992.

I never know what to answer when people are asking me where I come from in France. I was born near Paris, my parents leave close to Montpellier, the rest of my family next to Toulouse and I really feel home when I’m in the Landes. Let’s conclude that I’m from that I’m from the south of France!

How did I become a nomad girl?

Well, few years ago, let say 10, I was a girl haring her time between school and dance classes. I followed what my marks were saying about me: good and maths and physics imply sciences master.

But something happened along the way, some personal event that change a lot of think in my life. I had to become independent. I started to get involved in a lot of association, fixing an old car to travel through the dessert, travelling on my own, sewing my own clothes.

I definitely conquered my fear of being different and decide to live my passion freely. I won’t change that for anything.

Along the way, I had THE idea of a really THE project. Travelling for few months and discover along the way the culture through the local dances.

I’ve been saving for almost 3 years to achieve my goal. During that time, I’ve been working in computer sciences. I know realise that this job is not the one for me.

This travel is not just the achievement, it’s the beginning of a new part of my life where I want to live as fully as possible. I know how it will start, but I have no idea where I end up.

And you happy people, where are you coming from?