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Toro Toro, following dinosaur footprints

toro toro following the dinosaur footprints - bolivia - dancer with a backpack

After spending a few days in Copacabana to enjoy the Titicaca lake, that definitely looks like a sea and in La Paz, we are on the road to chase dinosaur footprints. That seems completely unbelievable, but it is true! We discover so much more in Toro Toro, the area is really beautiful with mountains with changing colors! Clearly one of my favorite experience so far.

For the third time in our trip, we arrive a day of a celebration in the village. That is always fun but they promised that there will be a guided tour the next day, except none of the guides show up (they were all drunk in the street!…) Read more

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South america, Travel diary

4 days in Colca Canyon

canyon colca - peru - daner with a backpack

Last stop in Peru, Arequipa, and the Colca Canyon. I won’t make a complete article on Arequipa, it is a very nice city, super clean with an amazing convent (head up to Instagram to see some pictures). Arequipa was just a stop before going to Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyon in the world. Most of the tourists stay 2 nights in the canyon, we added one more night to enjoy even more the beauty of the landscape

Day 1: we start from Cabanaconde by going in the canyon, we get escorted by a dog that we named “el corto” because he had short legs.Even if we start early, around 7 AM the sun is quite hard with no water, so you need to be careful. Read more

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South america, Travel diary

The famous Machu Picchu

visit machu picchu - peru - dancer with a backpackThe Machu Picchu, the unavoidable in Peru! For good reason, these ruins are amazing and full of energy. Here is the story of our visit to Machu Picchu.

We start our journey from Olantaytambo, we took a minibus from the Plaza del Armas. We paid 30 soles. The day before, we tried to book it in advance but it was always more expensive, no need to bother so. The bus took around 4 hours, on a road really narrow.

You get off at Hydro Electrica, the start of the walk to Aguas Calientes. It takes a bit more than 2 hours on the side of the railway. If you look closely when you cross the first bridge you can already see a small part of Machu Picchu, we only saw that on the way back. Read more

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