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What’s in my backpack?

When you are planning to travel for a year with only one backpack, you want to carefully choose it and what you put inside of it. If you want to travel light, like me, with only a carry on luggage, it is even more important.

I spent hours on the internet trying to find the perfect backpack. I knew that I wanted a backpack where I could store safely my laptop (#geek) and where I could access my thing without putting everything out of it. Exit the classic backpack, I need a digital nomad backpack. Read more

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Travel tips

Let’s get to know each other

Who is this girl with a red tutu playing ballerina?

My names is Chloe, I was born on April, 29th, 1992.

I never know what to answer when people are asking me where I come from in France. I was born near Paris, my parents leave close to Montpellier, the rest of my family next to Toulouse and I really feel home when I’m in the Landes. Let’s conclude that I’m from that I’m from the south of France! Read more

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How to prepare for a full year of travel?

Did you take the decision? Are you going to travel the world?!

When the decision is taken, you need to put everything in place to make your dream happen. The first thing to know, there is not so much to prepare! You need plane tickets, a backpack, health insurance, really few clothes, shoes and that’s all! Or almost, you need some money too. Read more

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