The project

The itinerary

Since I’m letting know people that I’m going to travel for a year, the first question that everyone is asking me is “where are you going to go?”. They always seem surprised that I don’t have a precise itinerary…

I currently only have the plane ticket to cross oceans with several months to get to appoint to another. I don’t yet know which road I’m going to take. I want to have the freedom to change my plan depending on what I love, the people that I meet, my moods, …

So here is what I know right now, I will update this page along with the journey with the link of the articles for each country/region

First stop Africa, I will spend 3 months in Burkina Faso. I really wanted to go to Africa but it is not usual in “world tour” trip itinerary. For some obscures reasons, Africa is not yet a backpacker destination. Being a complete newbie, I wanted to find a country where I could volunteer. It is something that I always wanted to do and a great way to discover a country.

I have to thanks a colleague, he heard me talk about my project and put me in contact with someone working actively in Burkina Faso. She helps me to plan my 3 months.

After this dreamy destination, I will start a more classical itinerary. This is on this part that I have more freedom.

  • 4 months in South America
  • 1 month in New Zeeland
  • 3 to 5 months in Asia

What a plan!

Do you have any recommendation? Have you ever been to a destination that has changed you? I will love to hear your advice, it may change my itinerary, who knows!…