How to prepare for a full year of travel?

Did you take the decision? Are you going to travel the world?!

When the decision is taken, you need to put everything in place to make your dream happen. The first thing to know, there is not so much to prepare! You need plane tickets, a backpack, health insurance, really few clothes, shoes and that’s all! Or almost, you need some money too.


This last point is where you can start.

But the burning issue is how much will it cost? Well, I can’t give you my answer yet, but if there is plenty of information on others blogs. You need to know how you will like to travel, what kind of activities you want to do. Based on that you can know where you are comparing to the medium budget for a year of travel that is 15,000€.

I made the exercise for myself :

  • I will stay in hostels and eat as local as possible (so cheap)
  • I will travel mainly in cheap countries (except New Zeland)
  • For the activities, I want to surf as much as possible, take dance classes, do bungy jumping in New Zealand and of course visit

Compared to what I saw online, I think I will be in the medium budget. I’ll give you a feedback on the subject along the way.

The calculation is made now the saving part is starting. There are several ways to save money. You can stop spending any money (move back to your parents, eat pasta,…) or you can plan your saving. I chose the second option, I’m simply not able to stop going out completely. I decided to save during 3 years. After some calculation, I knew how much I needed to save every month. Then, you just need to configure a planned transfer the 1st of each month on your saving account. You don’t even see this money and 3 years later you are ready to go.



Once you have planned your saving plan, the funny part begins: documentation! Time to explore the internet, read books, everything to start traveling in your head. I documented myself mainly in French so I don’t have so many references to give you. However, you definitely should follow Vagabrothers and Sorelle on Youtube, I love all their videos!

For books, you definitely need to get the World guide by Lonely Planet. When you open this book you want to go visit every one of these countries. If you’d like to know more about Africa, I strongly suggest The Shadow of the Sun: my African Life by Ruszard Kapuscinski. This journalist has witnessed 30 years of African history and lived incredibly (and scary) adventures as a white foreigner on a continent living drastic changes.

Are you dreaming now? The departure date is getting close? 6 months to go, you can start actually doing something other than spending hours on your laptop!

One thing that you can’t joke about is your health. Make sure that you leave on the best conditions. For example, I got a laser correction of my myopia a year ago, no need for glasses or eye contact, one issue resolved (it completely change my life!!). Whatever your problems check if you can get rid of it before you go.

Minimum 3 months before, time to go check for all the vaccines that you need to do. You need to have an idea where you want to go because some vaccines can be mandatory to pass the border.

You also need to check for a insurance to be sure that you will be cover if anything bad happens. You can either choose a insurance specialized in long time travel or check with your regular insurance.

Once this is done, you can start packing. Depending on what kind of traveler you are you are going to choose a different backpack. I personally decided to travel super light. There are many reasons for that: my back hurts when I carry something too heavy, I don’t want to check my luggage for the plane and I want to try to live as minimalist as possible for some time.

Either way, choose a backpack that you can carry, try to don’t look like that. If you are into light packing, go watch Chase Reeves’ Youtube channel, he did a review on almost all the cool backpacks (except mine…). I personally spent hours trying to find the perfect backpack but you can also pop out at your local decathlon and buy a basic one. If you want to know more about my backpack quest and what I packed inside, you can check the dedicated article.

Almost ready to go? Make sure to get rid of almost everything (car, house, flat, job, furniture,…) and store the rest. Go see everyone that is close to you one last time before you and catch your flight direction THE WORLD