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Bobo Dioulasso, the artist city

my trip in bobo dioulasso volunteering in ASOF association - dance travel - artist city - Dancer with a backpack

After spending a few weeks in a small city, the second stop of my Burkina trip is Bobo Dioulasso. According to my guide, it seems really promising, it is the second city of Burkina Faso and where a lot of the cultural manifestations are concentrated.

During my African journey, I decided to volunteer in different associations. It was, for me, a way to feel helpful and to help me discover a culture that I didn’t know at all. In Bobo, I have been hosted by ASOF Burkina. This association is helping kids outside of the school system. They take them over for a year, give them classes and artistic initiation in order to help them to get back to the classic school. Read more