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4 days in Colca Canyon

canyon colca - peru - daner with a backpack

Last stop in Peru, Arequipa, and the Colca Canyon. I won’t make a complete article on Arequipa, it is a very nice city, super clean with an amazing convent (head up to Instagram to see some pictures). Arequipa was just a stop before going to Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyon in the world. Most of the tourists stay 2 nights in the canyon, we added one more night to enjoy even more the beauty of the landscape

Day 1: we start from Cabanaconde by going in the canyon, we get escorted by a dog that we named “el corto” because he had short legs.Even if we start early, around 7 AM the sun is quite hard with no water, so you need to be careful. Read more

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