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What’s in my backpack?

When you are planning to travel for a year with only one backpack, you want to carefully choose it and what you put inside of it. If you want to travel light, like me, with only a carry on luggage, it is even more important.

I spent hours on the internet trying to find the perfect backpack. I knew that I wanted a backpack where I could store safely my laptop (#geek) and where I could access my thing without putting everything out of it. Exit the classic backpack, I need a digital nomad backpack.

If you want information on this kind of backpack, Chase Reeves’ Youtube channel is perfect. He is reviewing a lot (like really a lot) of backpacks, comparing them with each other. One of the main problems of these backpacks is that you cannot find them in France or even in the UK, so I wasn’t able to see them before buying one. When you are planning to make this backpack your home for a full year, you want to be sure that it is The One.

So I made a list of the pros and the cons of each backpack. I end up with the following comparison:

  • Tortuga – Outbreaker (35L/$269): the biggest of the list but quite bulky and expensive
  • Minaal – Carry-on 2.0 ($279): pretty but seems small
  • AER – Travel Pack ($220): good size but weird shoes compartment
  • Cotopaxi – Allpa ( 35L/$180): a lot of compartments and looks good but seems small
  • Nomadic ($219): almost too much compartment
  • Osprey – Farpoint (40L/$100): no laptop compartment but super cheap

In the end, I choose one that was affordable and that looks easy to organize. I received it a few months ago, so I’m already able to give you my feedback has a weekend backpack.

The quality looks really good, I like the look and you can fit so many things inside. There is just a tension on the zipper at a specific place when it is full, but the zipper seems to be solid enough to resist this.

I’m really happy with my purchase and I feel confident having only this backpack with me for this year.

Now that the backpack is chosen, I need to fil it. I chose to bring few clothes but good quality. You can find below the complete list of what I’m bringing.

The principle is simple: wash my clothes really regularly, have them dry over the night to wear them the next day. I choose a lot of merinos wool because it doesn’t catch the smell, dry easily and is perfect in case of cold weather.